Monique Quintana (Managing Editor) holds an MFA in Fiction from CSU Fresno. She is the Fashion& Beauty Editor of the witchy magazine, Luna Luna and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Huizache, Bordersenses, the Acentos Review and the blog at Ladybox Press, among others. Born and raised in Fresno, she draws her inspiration from the oddity that is the Central Valley. 

JJ Hernandez (Poetry) is a Colorado born poet, who was uprooted in high-school and moved to the Central San Joaquin  Valley. He views the world as his place to find beauty in the most random ( and often dangerous) places. His own writing often draws on his connections to the past in Colorado, as well as the conflicts and inner turmoil he faces in his everyday life as Fresno citizen. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, riding his bicycle through the streets of Fresno, and sitting at home wishing he could go back to the past, when times were easier. He also serves as Senior Associate Poetry Editor of The Normal School and poetry editor of the San Joaquin Review. He currently runs the Poet Laureate Lab at CSU Fresno.

Jonathan Leggett (Fiction) hails from Modesto, California and is working on his MFA in Fiction at Fresno State. An English teacher and photographer, he was recently an editorial assistant for The Normal School Online, and he is a fiction editor for the San Joaquin Review. He also edits film and photography for regional artists. He writes minimalist prose about all kinds of things. He likes to watch Game of Thrones, and he smiles a lot.

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